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A specific Twitter account for PCFH people has been set up for organizing purposes at SXSW. A venue by which you can tell everyone "hey we're all going over here" or "something really interesting going on over at this place."

For anyone new to Twitter that wants to play along, I recommend this primer[1].

To receive messages:

Go to http://www.twitter.com/pcfhsxsw[2] and Follow that user. All messages from @pcfhsxsw will show up in your Twitter feed.

If you want, you can set it up to receive text messages whenever anything is posted to this account. To do so, go to your Account Settings, follow the instructions to set up your mobile phone on Twitter, make sure Device Updates are set to "on", and then on the @pcfhsxsw user page (twitter.com/pcfhsxsw) make sure you change Device Updates to "On" for that specific user. You will only receive text messages for the specific @<username> accounts that you change Device Updates to "On" for.

To send messages:

Simply include the tag #pcfh (exactly as that is typed, #pcfh with the #) somewhere in your Twitter update. The way I have this set up, all messages sent by anyone with the #pcfh tag are automatically reposted to the @pcfhsxsw Twitter account. Unfortunately, there is about a 30 minute delay in how long it takes to get reposted. I have not found any way around this.

Again, the best use of this is to let people know where everyone will be/what's going on. Be sure to A) keep in mind the 30 minute delay and B) do not abuse this, as some people will be using up text messages to receive these messages.

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